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Helping relationships thrive!

At Together Couples Counseling, we can help you communicate better, trust more and argue less.

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As Quoted In:

We’re more like roommates than husband and wife

Our problem is that we can’t communicate

Our sex life is almost non existent

I don't want to stay in the relationship as it is and it seems like divorce is the only option left

couples counseling

Sound familiar?

If you're struggling with these and other issues in your relationship, know that it can change. You can be happy together again. At Together Couples Counseling, we can help you communicate better, trust more and argue less.

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I found out my spouse is having an affair! I don’t know if our marriage can survive. I’m not sure I even want it to.

This may not be the time to make a decision about staying or leaving, but it is the time to get help.

Couples counseling can assist you with the issues many couples face!

You don’t feel heard by your spouse and just want it to be easier to talk to each other.
You argue about the same things over and over again and wish this would end.
There’s been an affair or infidelity of some kind and you’re overwhelmed and lost. You wonder if your marriage can survive; if you can ever forgive and trust again.
You’ve stopped dating and wonder what happened to the passion you felt when you first got together. You’d like to sleep in the same bedroom and enjoy being a couple again.
When Couples Counseling Is Not The Right Choice!
There is no place for violence in any relationship. We do not provide Couples Therapy when there is violence. It’s simply not safe. If you are experiencing violence in your relationship, we want you to connect with the support and safety you need right now!
- In Howard County contact HopeWorks
- In Maryland contact MNADV

Why Choose Together Couples Counseling Center?

We know from the research, that counseling works. At Together Couples Counseling, our mission is to make sure we provide the most effective treatment possible.

couples counseling

Our Results

Our statistics show that treatment with us can be nearly ten times more effective than no treatment at all, and more than twice as effective as average therapy. While therapy is not effective 100% of the time, so we cannot guarantee success, we are committed to helping you get relief from the frustrations and upsets that all relationships can experience.

At Together Couples Counseling, we’ve been helping couples, families, and individuals since 1994. We want you to feel better, trust more, and find peace and connection in your marriage. We want your relationship to THRIVE, not just survive.

How do you get started?

Call us at 410-440-1413 right now! Talk with our office staff who will answer your questions and help you set an appointment; or if you’re ready right now, go to Booking and Fees Bookings & Fees to set an appointment online with one of our therapists.

We are a Pro-Commitment Marriage-Friendly Therapy center!

Our Columbia office is at 8894 Stanford Blvd, Suite 103, Columbia, MD 21045; conveniently located near Wegmans, right next to the Stanford Grill.410-440-1413