Couple Therapy for Infertility

Infertility steals dreams

…don’t let it steal your marriage too

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One moment you feel hope and excitement and the next you feel lied to and betrayed by your own body. And as a partner you feel little to no control over
something so important to you.

On good days, you support each other emotionally and on bad days:

Infertility can tear a marriage apart…

Maybe one of you thinks of it every day, every moment, every second. You wish your partner would too.

You aren’t experiencing the same feelings while on the roller coaster of infertility and you’re arguing about something you both want, a family, in ways you never imagined.

Do we try again? Do we have the money to try again? Can we take going through all of the tests and procedures again?

You see pregnant women everywhere you turn and ache inside, choking back the tears.

You want to feel heard and understood by the most important person, the one right next to you at every appointment, through every decision. Yet it seems like your relationship is being put to the most difficult test ever.

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Strengthen Your Relationship


Infertility may rob you of giving birth to a child but the last thing you want is for it to steal your marriage too.

At Together Couples Counseling, we don’t treat the physical problems of infertility but we do help you work as a team to manage the stress and emotional upheaval that infertility causes.

Whether you are at the early stages of infertility treatment or have been struggling for a long time, Together Couples Counseling can help ensure the marriage doesn’t get lost in the process.

You don’t have to go through this alone. In therapy with our compassionate therapists we will help you:

Be Aware

Guard your sex life from being only about making a baby


Understand each other’s way of dealing with disappointment


Talk and keep the lines of communication open even through the most difficult parts of infertility treatment


Strengthen your commitment to working through this as a team

The Team

Make decisions together
We are here to help your relationship THRIVE and navigate infertility.
Don’t let infertility rob you of a marriage.

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