The Key to Rekindling Romantic Flames is Right at Your Fingertips
By: Ganel, LCMFT Owner/Principal Therapist

The Key to Rekindling Romantic Flames is Right at Your Fingertips!

Have the fluttery feelings deep in the stomach that told you this person was the one flown away?

It’s completely normal when a relationship moves from dating to long term for those exciting, tingling feelings of desire to be replaced by a sense of comfort and relaxation… But it can also leave us feeling like something is missing.

We know from our work with couples over the last 25 years that,  the most common cause of this humdrum phase is too much familiarity with each other. It makes perfect sense – after all, if you’re married or living with your partner, you see them day in and day out – and often date night gets replaced by grabbing groceries or a trip to the home improvement store.

But knowing why it’s happening doesn’t help to rekindle the passionate flames. You need to light things up with a memorable evening to light  that won’t break the bank and that you can do without waking up the kids!

So if the passion has faded in your relationship, it doesn’t have to mean the relationship has serious problems! A key ingredient to easing your woes and reconnecting while releasing stress can be found at the tip of your fingers – literally!

Yes. A back-rub. You’d be surprised how many different ways giving your partner a great massage will help your relationship!

First: Be in the Moment with Relaxing Touch

How many distractions do you deal with in a day? Jobs, kids, grocery shopping, television, Facebook, email… I bet you find yourself answering an email while trying to have a conversation with your partner. You don’t mean to be rude – you just have so many things to do during your day that multi-tasking has become the new normal.

Setting up time together devoted to relaxation and stress relief through healing touch gives you the opportunity to show your partner you care, and to be cared for my your partner.

Whether receiving a massage or giving it, you’re fully present in the moment. You’ll be savoring the magical feeling of tense muscles being kneaded into complete relaxation, and when roles reverse, you can focus completely on your partner’s body language for feedback on what to keep doing and what to change. You become ever present in those moments.

So slow down your frenetic lives. Take a deep breath. Turn off your cell phones, house phone ringers, laptops, television sets, and anything else that could pull you away. Put on some calming music, light some aromatic candles, focus on each other fully, relax, and pamper one another with your touch.

Second: Become Closer Physically AND Emotionally

Intimacy is so important for a romantic relationship, but does not happen without effort. Those same issues that force communication and focus to take a back seat can cause intimacy to slip away in the strongest of bonds.

Intimacy is about sharing yourself with your partner, both physically and emotionally. It’s about letting yourself be vulnerable, but feeling safe when doing so. Giving and receiving massages from your partner requires the recipient to be physically vulnerable, and the giver to be emotionally so. As you spend time together, concentrating fully on each other, on how your partner’s hands feel on your back, or how your partner’s back and muscles feel under your hands, you can’t help but experience strong connection.

As your lover massages away the tension and soreness of your day, you feel pampered, secured, loved, and valued. As your lover expresses his or her appreciation of what your hands are doing, verbally and non-verbally, you feel trusted and valued. Giving or receiving, you can’t beat a massage with your partner as a way to create effortless intimacy.

Enjoy the Ultimate Date Night – Massage Your Partner the RIGHT Way!

If you’re struggling to find a unique and romantic date-night idea that will rekindle intimacy with your partner, the Melt: Massage for Couples program is the answer!



 Third: Rekindle the Passion

Over time lust becomes replaced with a deep, strong, safe, secure love for your partner – which is important and very needed. At the same time, most people long for the passion that lead to fireworks and spontaneous love making sessions as well. Sex can become familiar, mundane or even… boring!

By introducing massage into your relationship, you change the way that you interact with your partner’s body. The humble act of running your fingers down their body and spending time focused on areas long forgotten has a powerful impact on desire. Slow music, gentle hands, comfort, relaxation… sexy isn’t it?

A whole new physical and emotional language for the two of you to explore. And you always get to set the tone and determine how far it goes.

Chances are, your relationship has experienced one or two of the bumps mentioned above. Kids, Careers, Life… it gets in the way. You know that sensual, soul-tingling massage is the key to rekindle the romance. But how do you GIVE a great massage?

There’s some basic rules – like not using too much pressure, providing just enough pressure that you can feel the muscle move underneath the skin without making your partner grimace or squirm. You also want to work slowly – rubbing hard and fast will just irritate your partner’s muscles. Focus on slow, even strokes with the palms of your hands.

The truth is, there’s more to massaging your partner than can be shared in a blog or magazine article.

It’s much easier to learn by seeing a professional in action – and that’s exactly what Denis and Emma Merkas have created. A perfect duo of massage therapist and relationship help, Denis (a very talented massage therapist) and Emma (a relationships author) have developed a step-by-step program to guide couples on how to reconnect through the gift of intimate touch.

In the video below Denis explains his approach, and what couples massages has done for his and Emma’s marriage:

As a reader of Together Couples Counseling, you can bring the Melt: Massage for Couples program into the privacy of your own home at a BIG discount.

Here’s just some of what you’ll receive:

Lifetime, unlimited access to all their high-quality video courses, ready to stream directly to your smart TV, laptop, iPad, or tablet. Watch as many times as you like.

Seventeen simple and easy massage techniques, broken down stroke by stroke by a professional massage therapist. All techniques are designed for the home. No special equipment needed. Learn in your living room. Just add the right kind of oil.

Three follow-along massage routines that combine their signature strokes into a 5-minute, 15-minute, and epic 30-minute massage routine. All routines are downloadable, so once you sign up for lifetime access, so you can download them to your device and take them with you even when you don’t have Wi-Fi access!

What’s more, there is no need to feel awkward about bringing this to your partner, because the videos are done in good taste, with fully clothed demonstrations by Denis and Emma. Of course, you’re free to have your own experience as sensual as you and your partner want.

If you’re looking for the ultimate date-night idea that will help you and your partner reconnect and rebuild trust, the Melt: Massage for Couples program is for you! To get started, just click below and grab your unlimited lifetime access. You don’t need to worry – your purchase is backed up with a 100% passion guarantee.

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