Off Days in Relationships
By: Ganel, LCMFT Owner/Principal Therapist

Clarksville Couples Counseling

While we can’t put an exact number on it, off days are very common in couples! Relationships are like the tides and the moon. They wax and wane and ebb and flow when it comes to how connected your feel on any given day. While you can feel thrown off and worry when you experience an off day, it’s a reminder that you’re not computers who operate the same on a day to day basis. That loving feeling is not always present. It’s essential to remember that this doesn’t have to mean there is something fundamentally wrong with your relationship. Instead, recognize what stressors you each currently have in your lives and be compassionate. Take a look at your own stress and figure out how you might be contributing to those off days. Take a moment to invite your partner to sit down and talk about that off feeling, share what you think your part in it is and reconnect with what you love and appreciate about one another. Some off days are just a bump in the road. Expect it and you won’t have to worry so much!

Posted on October 1, 2015 at 2:25 pm

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