risa-podcast-cover-finalWelcome to the Stronger Together Podcast.

Empowerment, encouragement, information, tips, and support from an expert who helps you ignite every aspect of your life: Your marriage, friendships, fitness, health, emotional well-being, career, and joy for life.

Each focused episode is designed to give you strategies and action steps you can use as an individual and as part of a couple – helping you become a stronger person, partner, parent, and the best version of yourself in everything you do.

Highly effective Marriage Therapist for over a quarter century, Entrepreneur whose private practice was consistently voted Best Therapy Practice of Howard County Maryland since the inception of the category (2014, 2015), Fitness Coach, Marathon Runner, LLS Fundraiser, Wife, Mom and Stepmom, Risa Ganel, LCMFT shares with you her insights and knowledge with warmth, candor and humor like she does with her clients and even her best friends.

The Stronger Together Podcast is relationship coaching, personal empowerment, fit life coaching, inspiration and more from a trusted, compassionate professional who is passionate about helping couples strengthen their lives together. This podcast will feel like you just got off the phone with your wisest friend, the one who just gets it!

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