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If you seek Clarksville marriage counseling, you will likely receive the best results if you include your spouse. When couples come to counseling together, the counselor gets to see a comprehensive view of the interactions, strengths, and challenges of both partners. Individual counseling Clarksville providers get to see one point of view only, and hear the perceptions of just one individual. Often these perceptions are skewed based on the emotions of the individual. In fact, when both couples appear at counseling, the individual counselor may feel quite differently about the situation and provide a different approach to therapy.

Many individuals interact differently with different partners. For example, a woman may be attentive when speaking with her employer, nurturing when speaking with her children, and combative when speaking with her husband. She likely is unaware that her tone changes significantly between conversations as it is an ingrained behavior. Individual counseling Clarksville providers just do not have the clarity and full view of both parties that counselors working with couples do. That’s why when it comes to divorce therapy, Clarksville’s best option is Together Couples Counseling. Our practitioners understand that, in order to truly provide therapeutic assistance, we must consider how each party contributes to both the strength and weaknesses of the marriage.

Studies have shown that couples benefit most when they attend counseling together. Sometimes this is not feasible, especially when scheduling conflicts arise. Still, some participation by both parties is better than none, and an appointment with both parties together periodically has been proven beneficial. Although no therapy is proven 100 percent successful, at Together Couples Counseling our combination of compassion and experience makes us among the top in our field. Whether your relationship suffers from a sudden acute issue, such as infidelity, or an ongoing lack of communication, we can help. Our counseling services have benefited many couples throughout the area.

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Marriage counseling allow both individuals to explore together as a couple, and apart as well. In fact, we will address the needs of both individuals. Just as it takes two to break a marriage, it takes two to make a marriage. Together, you and your spouse can renew your love and bond with our guidance. If you need Clarksville marriage counseling, Together Couples Counseling is the answer!

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