Infidelity, Mistrust & Affairs


You’ve been feeling something isn’t quite right for some time, but you’re not completely sure why…

He takes his phone with him wherever he goes and seems jumpy when you see him on it at times. He didn’t used to be like that.

You caught her in a lie about something that seemed so simple. It doesn’t make sense.

You found a receipt for something expensive that wasn’t given to you. You asked about it, and the response seems disingenuous.

She’s been texting or sending Facebook messages with another guy for months now and they just seem a bit too close. Is it an emotional affair?

Or maybe you found concrete evidence of an affair. You confronted your spouse. He/she denied it. There were lots of tears, long upset conversations and maybe eventually he/she confessed.

How can there ever be trust again? How could this happen? How can we ever get through this? What do we do now? Does this mean our marriage is over?

If you are experiencing anything like this, Together Couples Counseling is here to help.

An affair does not have to mean the marriage is over

Your relationship may be in a serious crisis and we encourage you to reach out and get help to contain it and not make things even worse. Both of you need support and guidance.

If you are struggling with the impact of an affair on your marriage, there is hope, there is healing and despite what you may be feeling right now, a marriage can survive it.

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