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Pre Wedding Counseling Catonsville

Congratulations on your Engagement in Catonsville!

This is a wonderful time for both of you! You found your soul mate, the one you feel complete with, the one who understands you, the one with whom you want to share every moment of the days and years ahead.

You’re also realistic and aware that marriage can get tough at times.

Everyone experiences pangs of concern, “Will we make it? Do we have what it takes? Are we doing everything we can to start our marriage with a strong foundation?”

At Together Couples Counseling, we support your mission to have a long, fulfilling, and happy marriage in Catonsville[1].

There are lots of people who will help you plan your wedding day. We’re here to help you plan all the days of your happily ever after!

Through our premarital counseling program, Prepare-Enrich, we will help you:

  • Strengthen your communication skills;
  • Explore strength and growth areas in your relationship;
  • Identify and manage major stressors;
  • Resolve conflicts effectively;
  • Explore family issues;
  • Establish personal, couple, and family goals; and
  • Understand and appreciate personality differences.

You’re investing a lot in making your wedding the best, and we wish you the wedding of your dreams! Make sure to invest in the marriage of your dreams too.

Call us at 410-440-1413 or Text to 443-574-4919 today to purchase your premarital package and set your first meeting.

Our Premarital Counseling Package includes:

  • Six 60-minute premarital counseling meetings
  • An online couple assessment
  • Your personality inventory
  • All hard-copy materials for you to keep

These are valued at $1124, but putting it together as a package, you pay only $899, a 20% savings off the full value!

Call us now for an appointment 410-440-1413 OR Text to 443-574-4919

Our service satisfies most Pre Cana requirements.

Pre Wedding Counseling Catonsville
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