Dennis Blair, LCSW-C

I am a Maryland Licensed Certified Social Worker with a Clinical Specialty. I received my Master degree in Social Work from the University of Maryland at Baltimore and an undergraduate degree from Boston College in Psychology. I have been in practice for over 30 years providing individual, couples, family and group therapy in a variety of settings.

IGrowing up with four siblings, I learned early in life the negotiation skills and give-and-take needed for successful relationships. I enjoyed growing up in a more rural setting that was transitioning to a suburban one, which fueled my love of the outdoors, especially hiking. I’ve been fortunate enough to hike both the American and Canadian Rocky Mountains. I especially enjoy traveling and the new perspectives and experiences that come along with it.

I’m a husband and father, and feel fortunate to have lifelong friendships – I still have annual reunions with my former college roommates.

My interests include camping, biking, and vegetable gardening. That last helps me feel connected to my dad, who grew up on a farm. I enjoy learning about and fixing household things …as long as they only require minimal technical knowledge and capability. In general, my experience is that I win some and lose some of these challenges.

As a therapist, I feel strongly about helping the couples I work with express and show the connection they share, while clarifying and addressing the problems they experience. I’m committed that those I work with feel listened to, supported, and appropriately challenged to try new actions and adopt other perspectives in ways that feels congruent with who they are and the relationship that they want. I see myself as an active guide, and respect the couples I work with in their making decisions about their lives and relationships.

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Dennis Blair
Dennis Blair’s standard session fee (45-50 minutes) is $150. His fee for an extended (90 minutes) session is $225

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