Ellicia Shaw

Ellicia Shaw is our warm and welcoming Administrative Assistant.

Having over 20 plus years in the customer service field, I enjoy connecting with clients and my colleagues on various levels.  My warm and inviting approach helps to dispel doubts, embarrassment, and the fear of being judged. Being the first point of contact, I strive to convey a feeling of safety. Our clients will always be treated with respect and compassion. I am keenly aware that you are coming to a new space and being asked to express your feelings. My hope is that while in our offices you don’t have to worry about what’s happening outside, and you can focus on helping reach their relationship goals.

I have always wanted to be a therapist, but my life path didn’t lead me to be one. However working in a Couples Counseling office is exactly where I need to be. I am always the go-to for my friends when needing advice. I’ve learned a lot working here, not just with helping my friends but helping me in my own personal relationship.

My goal is to provide comfort through conversation. Be sure to say hello when you come into the office. I am sure that you will see me walking around! 

If you’re considering making an appointment with any of our therapists and have questions or concerns, call Ellicia now at 410-440-1413, and she’ll be happy to answer your questions and book your first appointment.

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