Our Team

At Together Couples Counseling, each of our therapists is specifically trained as Couple and Family Therapists and we are all graduates of the University of Maryland at College Park from the Couple and Family Therapy Program. This is the number one rated program in the country! While our training is top notch, we each bring our own unique personality to the process of working with you . You will find that we are committed to helping your relationship build the resilience that is much needed in this day and age for it to survive and thrive. We are here as guides to help you understand each other, communicate better, build trust and learn to become resilient through life’s stages and ups and downs. Though we don’t have magic wands to solve all problems, and therapy is a process that requires your commitment and dedication, we do have the unique training and have seen many couples in crisis come through our doors only to leave after a course of therapy more deeply connected, having repaired damage they thought they never could recover from and spend many years ahead celebrating anniversaries in a stronger relationship. We look forward to assisting you too.


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