Risa has helped me regain my sense of self

Posted on September 14, 2014

To say that Risa helped me reclaim my life might sound a bit melodramatic, but it’s true. In the rush and imposition of life, I had somehow begun to feel like I was losing my way and my mind. The overwhelming emotions that accompanied that fear had become intolerable and my body—mentally and physically—was paying the price. As anxiety attacked my thoughts, I honestly questioned my sanity.

Risa’s patient and professional manner helped me untangle it all. With a gentle nudge, she taught me that it really is OK—even necessary—to take care of myself by putting myself first before I can help others.

Working with Risa has helped me regain my sense of self and my power to be the independent, self-sufficient woman I had worked so hard to be. In fact, in her unassuming way, she helped me realize that I had never lost those things to start.