In the first session, you will meet with your therapist for one hour. Sessions after that will be 45-50 minutes. Depending on the nature of the issues you seek to address, your therapist may recommend longer sessions. All sessions longer than one hour will be prorated based on the fees below.

The fee schedule for our therapists is as follows:

Risa Ganel

Risa Ganel

Risa Ganel’s standard session fee (50-60 minutes) is $250.

Patti Renko

Patti’s fee is $195 for a 45-50 min session.

Payment can be made by cash, check, MasterCard, Visa, or Discover.

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All our therapists are out-of-network providers for all major health care companies. Out-of-network coverage varies by carrier and policy, so if you choose to seek reimbursement, we encourage you to call your insurance company to find out your exact mental health coverage.

Note: Many clients prefer not to use their health insurance for counseling for confidentiality reasons, since health insurance companies require a mental health diagnosis to provide coverage.