This is what our clients say about us

To say that Risa helped me reclaim my life might sound a bit melodramatic, but it’s true. In the rush and imposition of life, I had somehow begun to feel like I was losing my way and my mind. The overwhelming emotions that accompanied that fear had become intolerable and my body—mentally and physically—was paying the price. As anxiety attacked my thoughts, I honestly questioned my sanity.

Risa’s patient and professional manner helped me untangle it all. With a gentle nudge, she taught me that it really is OK—even necessary—to take care of myself by putting myself first before I can help others.

Working with Risa has helped me regain my sense of self and my power to be the independent, self-sufficient woman I had worked so hard to be. In fact, in her unassuming way, she helped me realize that I had never lost those things to start.


I have enjoyed working with Risa. She has been an insightful and constructive partner as I have navigated my way through mid-life transition, difficult family issues and in my ongoing adjustments to a complex, physically disabling disease. She has been positive, professional and knowledgeable about every issue that I have brought to our sessions. Her approach to our work together has been realistic, kind and compassionate. She communicates in a warm and direct manner, asking the right questions and providing valuable insight at just the right times. She is a gifted and genuinely caring professional, and I feel lucky to have her on my side. I have learned so much and have benefited tremendously from our time together.


A star is born! What a lovely job you did discussing Holiday Stress for “Parents Perspective”. Listeners all over will benefit from your insights and suggestions. We appreciate your time and expertise. We bet the show will benefit a lot of stressed out families this year!

Hosts of Parents Perspective radio program

I felt scared during my pregnancy for all the changes ahead, counseling helped me to manage my anxiety and allowed me to learn to better communicate with my partner about my experience.